October 16, 2018


Our new single I'M WATER is available nowww!!!

We shot this video in an old, disused swimming pool in Hanover, Germany, having best time ever getting soaked and doing goofy shit. We did receive some strange glances from the visitors of the open part of the pool though. BIG shoutout to d-zentral.tv Hannover for your time and energy, it's been a blast working with you guys.

💡Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Pziu99
💡iTunes: https://apple.co/2CHWpmb
💡Amazon: https://amzn.to/2OWzWap

Video Production: d-zentral Hannover

Redording: Robert Brustmeier, Lukas Schäfer
Mixing: Robert Brustmeier
Mastering: Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik, Dusseldorf


Damn, damn, damn, you play
Just like a demon on the pray, so hey
Your veins on your hands
Vibrate like freakin bass
Your breath’s not so even
Breath out, breath in
So take away both of your sticks, baby and put ‘em in
Let’s play some easy rhythm
Right there, right now
On your dirty bass drum
I wanna feel it on my neck
The strenght of deadly fuckin' scrum

Oh, boy, don't be like a stone
No more breath breaks from now on
I will roll you into the carpet, like a sushiboy
Lick my fingers, fruits of your body reach a pitch
You stole my head from the dummy from the shop
Do you also need some boobs for the down-up hoops
You're stealing my time with your wait, 'maybe not now'
Better don't search my bone
Better get out of this mental porn

You burnin fast, I’m water
I will quench you
It’s kind of mmm... amore
In front of the public
It’s gonna be tight
It’s gonna be fight
It’s gonna be our rite
I’m beggin you to start
This moment’s on top
Don't look in my eyes, you can scrumble (down)

Dig in, dig in, dig in, oh guy
Dig into fertile me kinda fertilizing me betray, baby, your way you’re away
From the same place of your brain you’re awake from a protracted state
Television cannot show you how to touch me
You should try it try it
Sparrow, you should learn it, babe, by trial and error
You say I’m always wet
It’s just because I’m water
Wet water, drippin water, drippin kippin whippin water
What a catch, boy, whata catch, water

You burnin, I’m water



September 23, 2018



It took us a while, BUT we're so happy to release our new single "LIGHTS".


💡Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2OLQ2Az
💡iTunes: https://apple.co/2MXpcDK
💡Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NCCdYI

Video Production & Editing: Dennis Banemann
Director: Dennis Banemann, Pulsar Tales

Redording: Robert Brustmeier, Lukas Schäfer
Mixing: Robert Brustmeier
Mastering: Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik, Dusseldorf


ENJOY!!! <3


 June 1, 2017

Check out our summer dates for 2017!

We're happy to share with you this year's summer dates:


June 28 | HumFestival, Köln

July 8 | KaleidosKOp Festival, Koblenz

July 16 | HORIZONTE Festival, Festung Ehrenbreitstein

July 26 | Soul in the Hole, JUNGLE, Köln

July 29 | Vestiwall, Recklinghausen

July 30 | Zugvøgel Festival, Hellenthal

September 2 | "Unter freiem Himmel", Schlossgarten Koblenz





March 15, 2016

"One Blurred Disclosure" out now!

We are really happy to share our first EP 'One Blurred Disclosure' with you. It took us a good while to finish but now it's finally ready to get blasted out of all of your speakers! You can purchase it right now and here!


The EP includes the tracks

01 Odyssey

02 All Truths Are Not To Be Told

03 Living Fantasy

04 Nothing In This World


All tracks written by Martin Lüdicke. Mixed by Jan Lammert and Martin Lüdicke, Moers. Mastered by Roberto Mora & Maximilian A. Teiwes at MOTE PRODUKTIONEN, Germany.



Taya Chernyshova - Vocals

Martin Lüdicke - Keyboards, FX, Melodica, Additional Percussion

Katharina Wolf - Bass

Lukas Schäfer - Drums


Pascal Hahn - Trumpet

Yannic Hürholz - Alto Saxophone

Johanna Risse - Violin

Helena Duven - Cello


Jan Lammert - Additional Percussion

Helge Gebel - Additional Percussion


Cover Picture Design - Alessia Calligaro

EP Design - Taya Chernyshova





Booking: booking@pulsartales.com


(c) 2016